Generating revenue for the small business

As obvious as it sounds, one of the biggest challenges any business will face is how to generate revenue, after all that’s why we are in business isn’t it? Have a think about how you generate revenue; what’s the first thought that springs to mind? Getting new business in perhaps?

Generating new business should still remain an important part of any company’s agenda but what about your existing clients? You’ve already provided some service or product for them; they know who you are and if you’ve done a good job, they are happy with your company and services. Tapping into your existing clients will work twofold. They are already aware of you and your company and are more likely to use you again; they are also more likely to recommend you to others, thus creating possible new business opportunities.

In order to use your existing client base to its full potential, a customer database is paramount. It doesn’t have to be all singing and dancing, as long as you can see who your customers are, what their businesses are and what services or products they have had from you previously, you can use this data to be pro-active and highlight other services and products you offer.

One of the services I can provide is to amalgamate all your customer data, be it on business cards, notes, past invoices and create a simple database tailored for your specific needs. Once you have visibility of your customers in one place, only then can you begin to be truly effective in your business.